"Comments on ICANN..."

 New ICANN Domain Rules to Shield Trademark 

The InterNic, and the internet 
industry in general have been making headlines 
"Domain names are about to get a whole lot 
more specific -- and probably more 
controversial. In the coming weeks, the Internet 
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is 
scheduled to release its preliminary report 
evaluating more than 40 proposals for new top-
level domains (TLDs) on the Internet. So instead 
of using the nondescript ".com" and ".org" 
suffixes that abound, you'll soon be able to 
create names like "MilesDavis.jazz" or "" 
The entire process marks a new stage in the 
relationship of trademark law and the Internet."

So here also is an "accident waiting to happen", 
and a huge problem coming for the existing 
internet infrastructure. 

Example: How does it feel when 100,000 angry e-
mails come in overnight because a 1M name 
SPAM list was circulated.  It was suggesting a 
click-through to a site featuring eager young 
The address everyone responds to? 
Who are the "real" perpetrators?? Some new guy, 
who just bought and launched "", 
or "".

The wrong move could "set back" the internet 10 
Big Guys
What does, do? 
Simply reserve and 'surround' their principal 
domains by absorbing the minor cost of $35 per 
year for each domain like,, 
Disney.jazz, etceteras.  For the sake of 
conversation, say 9 additional domains gets to 
only $35/year.
OK, so the larger companies are covered, IF they 
reserve the "New" names as soon as possible.

Now, what about companies like All Planet.  We 
have, and are involved in over, over 20 sites. 
That amounts to over $7,000 in these "New" 
registrations, per year. 

And these are the guys that have currently 
turned down ""?  We are not 
saying ".KIDS" is an answer to the porn/kids 
CORE problem on the internet, but THAT IS a 
problem [still] looking for an answer. 

This is an industry wide issue, and deserves far 
more attention, forethought and planning than is 
being offered in the current scenarios.

Gabreal Franklin
All Planet Network

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