"DVD Productions from 2001..."

 Long time associate and friend, Arthur Mrozowski, 
runs the DVD arthoring in a very efficent, time saving 
and cost effective way.
He works on every All Planet DVD project, including 
all of his DVD authoring and Mastering for the 
titles listed below - 

     For Kit Parker Films

     For Vision Films (PAL DVD)
Feature Films

Pinocchio - Kushner Locke/New Line Cinema
G.I. Jane  + 8 other titles

December 7
Colors of War Europe
Beyond Barbed Wire
Great Generals Vol 1
Great Generals Vol 2
Colors of War Pacific
Colors of War Combat Camera
Sex and Buttered Popcorn set of 3 DVDs
+ 12 other titles

     Feature Films BCI Eclipse
20 Titles
Feature Films for Front Row Entertaiment
Over 40 Titles
"Night of the Living Dead"

     Corporate projects
Demo discs for
C-CUBE, Airify, Kindofloud Music, NASA, San Jose Tech Museum

     In House projects
First disc turn from concept to ready product in 7 days. Netflix.
Bach his music / his Life- original production including 5.1 audio recording.
DVD Discover Disc (first usage of multicamera footage)

Contact the studio with specific questions at:

Email Webmaster

Gabreal Franklin
     exec. producer/director

Arthur Mrozowski
     Production Director/Producer/board member

Larry Seehorn
     producer/ board member

Timothy Lydgate
     producer/ board member

Jeremiah Jacobs
Music and Sound Production/Composition

Jeffery Mitchel
     Web manager

Jeff Cavanough
     prod manager

Coralee Cushman
     prod manager

Bergen Franklin
    3-D visualization/models, interface

Marcus Franklin
    3-D model action/design

...Robbie, CH, Michael, and Francine (Webmistress) and other 
All Planet employees or contractors can all be reached via the webmaster address.

     All Planet Network
     535 Coast view Drive
     Santa Cruz
     California 95062
     (831) 476.4242  FAX (831) 476.1639