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                SIBERIA - A Land of Dreams
                                April 2006

Brief information about Baikal Region - See BAIKAL TRIP SUMMER

All the photos posted below are from the Summer trip.
We will be posting the new shoot highlights here sometime in late October 2005


Wonderful Old Buildings
near the lakeshore

Wonderful People in B.G.

Magazine Editors in Irkutsk

                                           Natasha and Kristina

Great People like Nikita and Natasha
and their "Only Place To Stay!" on Olkhon Island.

CONTACT THEM if you are going there! CLICK HERE

The "REAL BOSS"  at Nikita and 
Natasha's Bed and Breakfast place 
On Olkhon

Arthur - 
Photographer Extroidinare
Specialist on Baikal region


All Planet Crew member on location
High above Lake Baikal, on OLKHON ISLAND

Best mode of transpo around Olkhon
aside from a boat - is this very sturdy
4x4 hauling All Planet folks through any

Camera and Gaffing geat
after ride across the dusty
Summer Steepe

This is a REAL musk deer - Male
Which actually sports tusks. And 
actually is running around in the forrests.

Another stunning sunset from
Olkhon - looking over Bailal

On Location filming Shaman VALENTIN KHAGDEV

An All Planet crew member, with Camera,
filming Valentin

Valentin relates the Buryat legend of 
their peoples "Creation" with
Shamanski Rock, as the beautiful

In Baikal -the youngsters and the

Elders are a delight to meet, and to hear 
about their Legends, stories, and lives.

*  Lake Baikal is a Sacred Sea, and home to an incredible rebirth of legend, dreams and magic.
*  Lake Baikal is the deepest, purest, oldest, largest lake on the planet. 
*  Lake Baikal holds twenty percent of the earth's fresh water
*  Lake Baikal has more species of plants and animals than any other lake on the planet
*  Over fifty species of fish including  bullhead, sturgeon and omul
*  Fed by more than 336 rivers and streams including the Angara, Barguzin, Selenga, Turka and Snezhnaya
       [only one, the Angara, flows out from Lake Baikal]
*  A Crossroad of cultures, where native Sayats still herd reindeer
Buryat people maintain many of their old traditions
*  Gateway to Mongolia and its ancient and amazing culture
*  Legend states that Olkhon Island was the birthplace of Genghis Khan's Mother


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