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     All Planet "Bread and Roses"  PRESS RELEASE July 7 2002
All  Planet had the pleasure to work with Alan Abrahams on a 
BREAD and ROSES production today in Saratoga, California.
As part of an ongoing project, Alan is recording  songs donated by  artists for use on a Music CD
for the benefit of the Bread and Roses organization.  See their site at:
and watch here for more information soon.

Bread&Roseswas founded by singer Mimi Fariña in 1974 to uplift the
spirits of people confined in institutions and to alleviate their
sense of isolation.  Bread & Roses brings audiences free, live,
quality performances and provides performing artists with
opportunities for unique community service.

Bread & Roses produces over 500 shows each year in eight Bay Area
counties.  They bring shows to convalescent homes, hospitals, centers
for abused children and the developmentally disabled, drug and
alcohol rehabilitation centers, psychiatric and detention facilities,
AIDS wards and homeless shelters.  Last year, 26,724 people enjoyed
performances at over 105 facilities.

Bread & Roses is always recruiting volunteer performers and has a
particular need for people of color and multi-ethnic acts.  Please

Bread & Roses, 
233 Tamalpais Drive, Suite 100, 
Corte Madera, CA 94925       (415) 945-7120 
    Visit them on the web at:   or email them at




Alan and Margeret Abrahams at the gig.


All Planet assisted Alan in recording Shawm Colvin and Dar Williams as they contributed a song each
to the 'Bread and Roses" cause, which Alan and company are spear heading in the production of a CD.
Alan used two(2) ADAT recorders, one direct from the sound board and another 'Safety' routed through 
his Mackie mixer.  Gabreal Franklin was on hand doing some engineering, and a little video backstage
with some performance shots for later use on a "The Making of..."  project.

It was a wonderful show.  Dar opened the show, and made very kind mention of Bread and Roses presence 
for the song she is contributing, 
Shawn followed and both delivered wonderful and musically inspiring sets at the 
MONTALVO Facility.

                                                                     Alan keeping a careful eye on the ADATs   >>>




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