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SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 TICKETS AVAILABLE at: Snazzy Productions


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'Official' Press Release for 2016 Show

50th Anniversary of 'Eve" Press Release


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Barry McGuire's "Trippin' The Sixties" is returning to Santa Cruz!!


A note from the Production Team:

re: http://www.allplanet.com/barry
This web page has the most current information for the September 23 show with Barry and John. As we get news or updates, this is one place we will post it. Check back as the date gets closer. The press release is below. Also posted here are publicity photos, copies of the poster, a little bio material, etc.

There are two aspects making this show different.
One fact is that Barry has been doing this story telling combined with music in Europe and Australia to rave reviews. He and John are very 'on top' of the presentation now, so it is an absolutely prime time for us to finally put on the best show of "Trippin' the 60's – with Barry McGuire" we can possibly do, and to capture it with very high-end HD cameras.

Another interesting distinction of this production is that it is similar to the work done for years on the Mamas and Papas "Dream a Little Dream" with lead singer Denny Doherty. Both shows were wondrous blends of music and storytelling, about that "Era", and not "just a concert".

Really, it's all about who is telling the story.
In this case it is a treasure chest of Barry's witness-upon-creation anecdotes about the music and the musicians of the 60's, told in an entertaining and irresistible way. John adds a terrific balance.Then, hearing the songs live become the bonus.
Not only his own hits like "Eve of Destruction"; "Green Back Dollar" and "Green Green" but many others, written and performed originally by Barry's dear friends. The subjects of the storytelling, those times and the music become one.

Barry and John weave their first-hand stories together with the music in a way that is intimate and indescribable.
In film, some of this is what can be called a "Back Story".

It is these aspects of the show that makes it not just a concert, but much more.
That is the reason we are expending so much effort to film "Trippin' the 60's" in such a high-end, quality form. This show, and these guys and their music, is as unique as a snowflake.

This All Planet Studio's production is utilizing over $1M in HD gear and equipment on site to capture the event, and involves as part of the production team crew members and equipment from All Planet and New Dawn Studios.

Thank you so much for your attention to our production!

Hope to see you there on September 23 at the Rio Theatre!

All Planet Production Team

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Articles thus far:

A September 11th Article- which mentions McGuire



PRESS RELEASE - August 29, 2016; for immediate release: re: Friday, September 23, 2016


For one night only, Barry McGuire's "Trippin' the 60s" show with John York will be presented in Santa Cruz. Friday, September 23rd, at the Rio Theatre.

The doors will open at 6:45 PM with the performance starting at 7:30 PM. The show for the evening will consist of two sets and a short intermission.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Streetlight Records, Snazzy Productions and other outlets for $20.00 a ticket or for $25 at the door. Local on air appearances will be scheduled with KPIG, KZSC and KSCO the week prior to the show.

For more information visit this site or barrymcguire.com/. or the "Trippin'" site


"Trippin' the Sixties" is coming to Santa Cruz!!


"Trippin' the Sixties" is not a "cover" show. The show starts where Barry started, writing and recording his first Gold record "Green Green" with The New Christy Minstrels. Included in the show will be stories about the songs of the '60s and the people with whom he hung out, recorded music, partied and performed. The show is a hand-clapping, foot- stomping, high-energy, sing-along show that never fails to take the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride, leaving them spinning, weeping, laughing, dancing and wanting to come back for more.

In 1963, Barry McGuire stepped into the public eye on the Andy Williams Show as the gravelly voiced lead singer of the New Christy Minstrels. His musical career was launched with the million- sellers "Green, Green" and "Green Back Dollar".

McGuire went solo during the heart of the peace movement in 1965. His growing awareness of social hypocrisy was echoed around the world in his third hit "Eve of Destruction" as an anthem of the times. Three years later, Barry was cast as the male lead in the original Broadway production of the musical "Hair". Once again his voice was heard proclaiming the ideals of a radical generation. Dick Clark said, "When world events collide with "Rock & Roll" you get Barry McGuire”.

Over the last 57 years, Barry has averaged around 100 shows a year. He has shared the stage with everyone from Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Williams, Al Hirt, Jonathon Winters, Andy Griffith, Pete Fountain to Roger McGuinn, John and Michelle Phillips, Cass Elliott, Denny Doherty, Bob Gibson, The Rolling Stones, David Crosby, Gene Clark, Kenny Rogers and the list goes on and on. During these years Barry recorded more than 40 albums.

John York is currently working with Barry McGuire performing "Trippin' the Sixties". John is best known for his work as a member of the world-renowned Folk Rock/Country Rock group, the Byrds. His vocal and instrumental talents have kept him in the company of such musical luminaries as Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Clarence White, Nicky Hopkins, Mac Rebenack (Dr. John), Doug Sahm (The Sir Douglas Quintet), The Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers, Lightnin' Hopkins, Rick Danko and Richard Manuel (The Band).

Recently, John has composed and recorded music and lyrics for Kim Fowley’s "West Coast Revelation". The duet, "Redneck Ninja", highlights John's creative partnership with acclaimed songwriter Patrick Brayer. He has also composed music for the BBC production, "Byrds Under Review".

“Trippin’ the Sixties” has played all over Europe to rave reviews and is now being brought back to Santa Cruz by film director, Gabreal Franklin, for this one night special performance and is being filmed by Franklin and his crew. The filming is a co-production between longtime friends McGuire and Franklin and is one of the reasons the show is being performed here in Santa Cruz.

Don’t miss the only performance of “Trippin’ the Sixties” on Friday, September 23rd at the Rio Theatre for you will only have this one opportunity to see Barry McGuire and John York while they are in town and making this film/music video.

Local on air appearances will bescheduled with KPIG, HIPPO, KZSC and KSCO the week prior to the show.


For more information visit: this site: www.allplanet.com or Barrymcguire.com




Contact: Robbie Coppola robbie@allplanet.com

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