Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty  - 
"You're gone now too ... and we miss ya."

November 29, 1940      +   January 19, 2007      <More Info Here Jan 2007>

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                  ". . .   a gripping story    . . . 
            related in high style by the wonderful Mr. Doherty "
                                                                        (The Toronto Star) 

Live  on  stage  "Papa" Denny Doherty 

                    CLEVELAND 2006
From lower left clockwise,
Denny Doherty, Kip Reed, David Smyth, Gabreal Franklin, Graham Shaw, Bill Ransom, Doris Mason and Lisa MacIsaac
Projections run behind the live musical on a 25 foot screen,. The projections - a combination of synchronized movie footage with photos and effects was produced by Gabreal Franklin/All Planet Studios. Denise Gallant  - Lead Editor, Robbie Coppola - Archivist, Bergen Franklin,- Scanning, Kevin Monahan - Audio work, 
Listen to some of the music from the play while you
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Music from the play

 PERFORMANCES In Cleveland April 2006



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All Planet Network's  Gabreal Franklin directing 'BRAVO ENTERTAINMENT' and 'ALL PLANET ' camera Crews shot 4 performances of the play from August 29 through September 1, 2001.
Then Again in Kansas and Illonois, and most recently (above) in late March 2006.

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