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                  ". . .   a gripping story    . . . 
            related in high style by the wonderful Mr. Doherty "
                                                                        (The Toronto Star) 

Live  on  stage  "Papa" Denny Doherty  and The Dream Band
                Doris Mason, Richard Burke, Kris MacFarlane 
                Lisa MacIsaac, David Smyth, Bobby Edwards,
                "The Doctor" Eric Hord

APRIL 2006 - Mama's and Papa's NEWS - 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland's gem of an establishment - presented a special performance of the Mama's and Papa's "nearly" true story at the Cleveland Playhouse.
The production will run through the entire month of April.
The run started out with sold out houses, and standing ovations.
The show features original band member Denny Doherty, who is performing, singing and remembering in such rare form that the audiences seem captivated - in a dream like state.
More photos and news will be published here after the end of the run.

During the week of February 20-27, ALL PLANET will be presenting a debut of the new visuals produced and directed by Gabreal Franklin, wonderful video artisan Denise Gallant, and Kevin Monahan on DVD Authoring.  Along with this core team, Jeff Cavanough, Bergen Franklin and other folks on the ALL PLANET STUDIOS production team have created  over 2 hours of new visuals for DENNY DOHERTY and the DREAM A LITTLE DREAM Project.

Following a few days of rehearsals, there will be 3 shows of 2000 + seat venues in the midwest. This will be the first time the production has used high quality motion images to underscore the play about the life and times of the very popular 1960's Music Group.
New elements include footage of the Mamas and Papas performing, as well as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, and new music video segments for Monday Monday, California Dreamin', 12:30, and many of the songs and music the group made popular.
Following these first few shows, this page will be updated with some of the new elements. For now, all we have time to present are a few of the stills that were used in the production, as linked here:

March 30, 2005: Following the successful dates in Late February, All Planet is completing a 90 minute version of the 2 hour (with Intermission) version presented in the Midwest. This 90 minute version will be used in 5 performances at the Mohegan Sun Casino, CABARET in Connetticut.
Listen to some of the music from the play while you
look at the pages here at this link:
Music from the play

 PERFORMANCE Photos below show large version if clicked

This series of photos are selected dtills from the video shot 
of the TORONTO Profuction of 
      Written by Denny Doherty and Paul Ledoux
      Producer: Lou Adler   Stage Director: Paul Ledoux
      Video Director/Producer: Gabreal Franklin

Stage shot with producer
Lou Adler on screen
Stage shot with Cass Elliot behind
Denny on screen
Stage shot with Mama's and
Papas shot 
Stage shot with Cass mugging 
for camera
Shot from Video of Denny 
performing Monday Monday
Another intimate moment with
Denny Doherty during the
Denny tells the story of the
naming of the
"Mamas and Papas"
Lisa on violin and Doris on 
keyboards accompany Denny 
on stage and in the video
All Photos in this PERFORMANCE
series shot by:
Gabreal Franklin
All Rights reserved

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All Planet Network's  Gabreal Franklin directing 'BRAVO ENTERTAINMENT' and 'ALL PLANET ' camera Crews shot 4 performances of the play from August 29 through September 1, 2001.

* NEWS * SundayMar 18, 2001
John Phillips passed away, surrounded by family and friends in Los Angeles, California.  He was a founder of the popular music group, 
THE MAMAS AND THE PAPASAs a song writer and performer, he leaves a legacy of wonderful works, and the world is a better place because of him.  He will be greatly missed.

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