We have a small group leaving for EUROPE late June for a Caravan/Camper trip!
This journey is long awaited, and will go to such historic places as Stein-am-Rhein, over through Switzerland, into Italy
and staying in a villa on Lake Marchesine (near Milano).
After a week in the villa, we take off by land for Austria, and head East, through the upper tip of former Yugoslavia.
From there we will be heading toward Hungary, and spend time both in the beautiful countryside, as well an a few days in 
and around the fabulious twin cities of Buda and Pest, known in the west as Budapest. 
Leaving Hungary for Checzh Republic, centering around Prague and the surrounding territory, we will be exploring some 
very old towns and areas, and then heading on into the 'former' East Germany.
This is where the trip gert really exciting!  We will be visiting areas Gabreal has visited, seeing old friends that live in the most intact Medieval Villages left on Earth!
One of these 'Magical' places is his favorite, a village called "Quedlingburg", which is still an 'In-Wall' town, with a fantastic Schloss (Castle) and hundreds and hundreds of small Half timbered houses, cobblke stone streets that are the same streets and stones that Germany's first Emperor -Heinrich the First, not only walked down, but was corronated in one of the town squares (Finkelherd).
There is so much history and mideval culture still evident in this area that for western Americans (and our Canadian friends) it is a staggering life experience.

Here it is, June 21, and we are leaving in the morning.  Following the trip, notes about the camper experience and photos will be posted in this area of the all planet site.
Currently, plans to visit Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic and the "Ole East" Germany are in place, and we are looking forward to reporting back to you about the trip.

If possible, we will post some updates, but generally do not plan to update this part of the site until July 22, 2000.
Hope you are having a great Summer (or Winter, depending on where you are!)

Best regards,
The All Planet Euro 2000 Team


You may call (831) 476.4242  or FAX to (831) 476.1639 , although this trip is completely closed for 2000, we are accepting names for 2001.


A typical street scene of Quedlingburg, showing the famous "Half-Timbered' style of houses, many built between 1100 and 1500 AD.
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Cesky Krumlov, the fabulous little town in the Czech Republic where "The Adventures of Pinocchio" was filmed, is a middle ages town with a castle and wonderful scenery.  It is one of the stops for a day enroute to PRAGUE.

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