Studio: WILLIAM MORRIS and Co.

designer: Sir Edward Burne Jones
Circa: August 1878

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Mars, a female knight sitting on a female Wolf nearing sunrise    and Sol, seated on a cloud at sunset, in front of a lion.
SIZE: MARS 1'10" x  3'7"      SOL 1'10" x 3' 8.5" (Largest of the set)


The SOL panen is offered for sale. MARS is now at LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art,

Sir Edward Burne-Jones and his friend WIlliam Morris taken about 3 years before the Woodlands set was completed.




These panels were documented in the A. Charles Sewter books,

On page 208 of the catalogue, under the heading of WOODLANDS (?)
is the following information.
1879 FINAL DISPOSITION of Original Nine (9)
Venus (BJ 341)
Luna   (BJ 345)
Morning Star   (BJ343) 
Evening Star (BJ 342)

Saturn   (BJ 344)
Mars   (BJ 346)

Earth   (BJ 355)
Jupiter   (BJ 354)
Sol     (BJ 353)
   [Sol is a variant on Burne-Jones'
Apollo cartoon]


Gabreal Franklin Collection
Sol                  (BJ 353)  -Painted by  Bowman
Mars               (BJ 346)  -Painted by Egan
Jimmy Page Collection
Luna                 (BJ 345)   -Painted by Fletcher
Venus               (BJ 341)   -Painted by  Bowman
Evening Star     (BJ 342)   -Painted by  Bowman
Morning Star   (BJ 343)   -Painted by Egan
Jupiter              (BJ 354)   -Painted by Fletcher
Sadly, I did not find any hint of the 
other missing two at the time,
now nearly forty years ago.
They remain missing, Unfortunately, I 
fear permanently.

Saturn     (BJ 344)
Earth       (BJ 355)

  There are 3 relevant entries in Burne-Jones Account Book: (i) dated 18 August 1878:

(i) dated 18 August 1878: "1st four figures of Planets Pound 15 ea. viz. Venus, Luna, Morning and Evening stars. Pound 60;"
(ii) dates 22 August 1878: "2 more, namely Saturn and Mars"  (ed: This design has a 'Birthdate!'
(iii) dated 1 November 1878: "Figures of Earth, Jupiter and Apollo  Pound 45"
Each entry in marginally annotated 
in another hand 'Woodlands'
This list does not quite correspond with the deatils given in the Catalogue of Designs, having 'Apollo' instead of 'Sol'.  It is possible that this was merely a mistake on Burne-Jones part, and that the cartoon here described as Apollo may have been used for Sol.   (ed. Mr. Sewter had not seen the panels on the left!)
But Marillier's Index of subjects in fact includes an Apollo (BJ 360) as well as 3 different cartoons for Venus (BJ 363), Saturn (BJ 366), and Mars (BJ 362), which were apparently not the designs for the Woodland window, and are otherwise un accounted for. 
The cartoon for Mars, subsequently worked on in watercolour but left unfinished, is in BIRMINGHAM CITY ART GALLERY (20'98)
Two panels by William Morris Company, designed by Sir Edward 
Burne-Jones purchased as a set of 7 by The Franklin Collection. 
The other 5 panels went to Jimmy Page, of LED ZEPPLIN, 
owner of one of William Morris' former homes.  In 2008, the 5 PAGE Panels were sold at auction in the finest Pre Raphaelite collection ever offered for sale, arranged by Mr. Paul Reeves of London.
Panels found by Franklin in  the late 1970's were: 
Venus, Morning Star, Evening Star, Luna, Jupiter and the 2 best ones he kept, Mars and Sol.
The whereabouts of the remaining two pieces (if they still exist) remains an on going mystery.

Visualization of original Woodlands set, not accounting for MISSING  - EARTH and SATURN panels. Current speculation is EARTH was same size as MARS and was on left  of SOL [Center] between JUPITER and SOL, and SATURN was right from center, between Mars and Venus, same size as JUPITER. [See Possible Saturn Cartoon below]  <<CLICK image above for larger view>>
Variant SOL Sketch by Sir Edward Burne Jones SATURN Cartoon - 
Likely to be very similar to one of the two (2) missing panels.
Subjects are (Above) Listed in the SEUTER BOOKS as a FEMALE Character, 
MARS, in armour sitting on a Female Wolf in the night sky.
Listed in the same set, SOL, seated on a cloud, next to a lion, over a glorious sunset landscape. 
The set was nine (9) panels. an Astrological Theme. 
Listed as "Whereabouts Unknown" until discovered by Gabreal Franklin in England. 

Torre Abbey, Pictured around the turn of the Century.
The pencil and coloured crayon sketches of "The Planets" are preparatory studies for a set of stained glass windows designed in 1878 for Angus Holden, several times Mayor of Bradford and later Member of Parliament for Bradford East. Holden commissioned the windows for his family home, a large Victorian mansion called Woodlands on the outskirts of Bradford which he had built in 1866. They were supplied by Morris and Co. in 1879. A publication of 1885 refers to:
"... the music room, added to the north-east end of Woodlands some years after the original construction was finished ... includes a large window containing in its upper compartment nine stained glass figures, the work of the celebrated artist Burne-Jones".

Each entry is marginally annotated in another hand "Woodlands". Of the nine designs made for the window, Torre Abbey possesses seven of the studies. The study for 'Mars' is in the collection of the Birmingham City Art Gallery and Museum while that for "Morning Star' is at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.  The title of "Sol" was evidently a later substitution for the original title of "Apollo".
The Holden family left Woodlands around 1890 and moved to Nun Appleton Hall, near York.  Woodlands was demolished in 1899 but it is not known if the Burne-Jones windows were still in the house at the time or if the Holdens had them transferred to Nun Appleton.  In any case, a large part of Nun Appleton Hall was itself demolished in 1920 and no trace of the windows has survived.
The design of several of the figures, notably 'Saturn', 'Venus' and 'Sol' are based on Burne-Jones' earlier works entitled 'The Seasons', painted between 1869 and 1871.

In 1996, the Friends of Torre Abbey, to mark the 800th Anniversary of the founding of the Abbey, commissioned a stained glass window based on the drawing of 'Earth'.

This information was kindly sent from Dr. Michael Rhodes,  Head of Museum Services, Torre Abbey, U.K. April 7, 2008.

Two of an original set on Astrology.  Some of the very few non religious Burne Jones Originals
Made by the William Morris Studios.


Originally had three from this set.
The 3rd panel was "St. Simon".
It was partially gifted by Gabreal Frankln
to his friend, Mr. S. L. Berger, who owned the world's largest collection of William Morris artifacts. These in turn have been given to the Huntington Museum in Pasadena California, where St. Simon is today.

St. James Major


St. Peter

The original 3 panels, with St. Simon. (click for larger image)


These panels measure 
16.5 " x 41.5"

CLICK on an image to 
view a larger shot.
View the 2 Saints additional Photos  

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Two panels from an "All Saints" installation.  Some fine examples of religious Burne Jones Originals
Made by the William Morris Studios.

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