JEREMIAH JACOBS newest music release on MP3.COM!
Immediately 4 Hits in the TOP 100!
Jeremiah Jacobs

UPDATE March 10, 2002
Just listen to this:
Jeremiah works on explaining some of his work...
or Try the link in QuickTime, half the size, but lesser quality.

Then, there is the new song... From Looking at You.

   When Jeremiah Jacobs became MP3.COM's 100,000th artist, it was newsworthy, but it didn't necessarily have a lot to do with the music.

Shortly After Release...
Now, "THIS", the collection of original songs from Jeremiah Jacobs, has already hit the regional charts with 4 songs in the Top 100!!!
   #1 No Turning Back AND 
   #2 Mystery In My Mind, as well as 
   #33 True 
and a song produced by Gabreal Franklin is at 
   #35 entitled "Set Your Sails" Hi Fi Play       Lo Fi Play
This song Jeremiah and Gabreal colaborated on in a tribute piece with NASA honoring all the early astronauts, who first dared to fly across the skies.

All Planet's Gabreal Franklin has believed in Jeremiah's music abilities " PETER ARTIST FLOYD SONGS.  YET 

Admittedly, this comes from a producer and director that has worked with both Peter Gabriel, Floyd and Jacobs. 
Jacobs has served as partner with Franklin on several All Planet Productions, creating the musical soundtracks.

"Jeremiah is a delight to work with" commented All Planet Producer Robbie Baker, "...and we hope he will continue to create beautiful soundtracks for our films long after his music has become deservedly discovered."
Be sure to check out "Great River Valley" too  Hi Fi Play    Lo Fi Play .

Jeremiah can be contacted via e-mail:nbsp Jeremiah's THIS page at


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