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Zack Leary, discussing his father's influence on himself, and others.

Diedre (Timothy's granddaughter) shares fond memories of Timothy

Ram Dass, in his interview with All Planet, felt that Timothy Leary was
"My first Guru."

Many of Timothy's friends gathered at Rosemary Woodruff Leary's home on June 2nd to commemorate and commenserate over and about Tim's remarkable life and times.

Rosemary and Tim with friends in Montreal

Ed talks of good times with Rosemary and Timothy...
and true 'country living'.

Timothy and Rosemary

Camera crew enjoys a great time interviewing Ram Dass

Gabreal Franklin worked with Timothy on many projects, the last was a 
Billy Idol Music Video where Tim played a guest part, and when Gabreal was
the Video Director of the "Digital Art Be-In", in San Francisco.
Since Timothy's death, he has been working with Rosemary on a several of her projects, 
and served as videographer and interviewer for this year's Memorial.
All Planet has been collecting interviews with many folks from this era,
with the plan to produce a documentary about those psychotropic times.

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