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Satyajit Ray at Work

The year 2001, May 19 - 20 
Satyajit Ray At Eighty 

Symposium on 
Satyajit Ray in the West

This presentation resulted in many people being able to enjoy screenings of Ray films, from excellent prints.

You see, of the many films Ray produced, Directed and wrote, the issue of good surviving prints is the number one sorrow.  Many of the originals were lost in the London fire that claimed the film warehouse where his best existing prints had been collected for duplication.  This tragic event made the job of restoration many times more complex than for a "normal" film.  For the case of this discussion, a normal film is defined as a film, regardless of quality or artistic merit, was reproduced in sufficient versions so that damaged sections can be removed from better ones, and the process of comparison, on a scene by scene basis, is done to find the best "survivor".  This scene, or section of the film, is then set aside, to be reassembled into the original order once it has been restored.  These days, computers and digital 'image enhancement' techniques are the most prevalent and cost effective way to complete a restoration.

In the case of Ray's films, however, we do not have the luxury of having several prints to select less damaged elements/scenes from.  In some instances, there are few, or none, of the films known to exist.  Since he is one of the great film maker, it is critically important that what there is surviving be cared for and preserved as much and as soon as possible.

It is toward this end that Gabreal Franklin wishes to thank Professor Dillup Basu and the people working with him in the effort to not only preserve and restore the remaining works by Ray, but also to applaud the work in assembling the terrific body of notes, drawings, storyboards, poster sketches and other materials created by this mastermind of filmmaking during his creative process.

Be sure to check here for more news about All Planet's work with the Ray Foundation and Professor Dillip Basu as Gabreal, Aloke and Arthur continue their support of this ongoing project.

For more information in the short term, you can visit Professor Basu's site

You can e-mail any questions or suggestions to:
       Gabreal Franklin
             Aloke Mukherjee
                  Arthur Mrozowski

ALL PLANET has started to assemble
a list of Satyajit Ray's body of work.
CLICK HERE to view this Partial List

Invited supporters of Satyajit Ray
that attended were:

 "Satyajit Ray in Russia", 
Dr. Aida Sofian (Moscow, Russia).

"Satyajit Ray in My Cinema", 
Filmmaker Greg Nava ( El Norte, Selina).

 "Satyajit Ray in America", 
Peter Rainer, President National Society of Film Critics. 
New Yorker Magazine.

 "Satyajit Ray in Britain", 
Dr. Partha Mitter, University of Sussex.

Invited Supporters out of the country on these dates are:

Francis Ford Coppola 
- Director, Supporter of Professor Basu
[In France at Cannes, France]

Gabreal Franklin 
- Documentary Director, an advisor to, supporter of,  and partner with Professor Basu on Professor Batu's ongoing work documenting Satyajit Ray's phenomenal work in Cinema.
[In Russia, shooting a documentary]
ALL PLANET PERSONNEL will be in atendance.

Mr. Franklin sends regards and best wishes to everyone lucky enough to be at the event, and hopes they enjoy the restored film, part of the fruits of Professor Basu's wonderful efforts to preserve as much as possible of Satyajit Ray's body of work.

Partial Schedule: 

3:30 p.m.: Media Theater
UCSC, California

  A banquet Dinner will be held at West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel, 175 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. 
Special guests: 
Chancellor  Greenwood, 
Consul General Abhankar, 
Mr. Kanwal Rekhi (TiE), 
Mr. John Santos (Ford Foundation), 
Mr. P.C. Chatterjee  (TCG, N.Y) 
Mayor Jerry Brown, among others, are expected to attend.

                                                                                            May 19-20

    All events will be at 
Media Theater, Performing Arts Complex, UCSC
 The films are 35mm new prints from recently restored negatives!

Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress) 
12:30 p.m.
 Based on Ray's own detective fiction, featuring Soumitra Chatterjee, this film is in full-color and takes the audience, along with Ray's sleuth, Feluda and friends, from Calcutta to Jaipur and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

Seemabaddha (Company Ltd.)
3:30 p.m. 
One of Ray's 1970's Calcutta Trilogy, this film follows a young executive's climb up the corporate ladder and his slow immersion into corruption, seen through the eyes of his young sister-in-law
  (Sharmila Tagore). A most powerful psychological drama.
More info on Satyajit Ray is available at All Planet's friends, Professor Basu at the University of California Santa Cruz
Visit this Site  to find out.more on the Event

And this at  Professor Basu's main site
Satyajit Ray: Film & Study Collection
    University of California, Santa Cruz

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