All Planet Studios "What's New..." July 17, 2003
           Space Shuttle Columbia

16 January / 1 February 2003
On February 1, 2003, these seven crewmembers were lost 
with the Space Shuttle Columbia over North Texas. 

This picture was on a roll of unprocessed film only later recovered 
by searchers from the debris. 

The STS-107 crewmembers strike a ëflyingí pose for their traditional in-flight crew portrait in the SPACEHAB Research Double Module (RDM) aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. 

From the left (bottom row), wearing red shirts to signify their shiftís color, are astronauts 
 - Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist; 
 - Rick D. Husband, mission commander; 
 - Laurel B. Clark, mission specialist; and 
 - Ilan Ramon, payload specialist. 
      Ramon represents the Israeli Space Agency.
From the left (top row), wearing blue shirts, are astronauts 
 - David M. Brown, mission specialist; 
 - William C. McCool, pilot; and 
 - Michael P. Anderson, payload commander. 

This morning, July 17, 2003, Moffit Field - 
G. Scott Hubbard of NASA sent out an e-mail invitation for an "All Hands" meeting, where he and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe expressed thanks for all the work and cooperation that has
gone into the Columbia investigation.

All Planet has had the pleasure and homor of working with many of these folks for years, and appreciate the opportunity to send you this first hand update, put together by Larry, who wrote the following report, and gathered useful and interesting links.
Thanks Larry! As always!


July 17, 2003
Good evening,

I went to work and listened to G. Scott Hubbard and NASA Administrator 
Sean O'Keefe.

It was an hour and twenty eight minutes, and if you have 150 kbs 
bandwidth on your Internet connection you can listen too. Takes a Real One 
player.  -

Sean O'Keefe expressed his thanks for all the work and cooperation that 
has gone into the Columbia investigation.  The findings have been made 
public as the investigation has gone on and he does not expect to see any 
surprises in the final hard copy that will be out in a couple of weeks.

Work is already in process to correct the deficiencies.
The first flight, when it is ready to fly, will be in daylight, under 
much scrutiny, and with heaters instead of foam to keep ice from forming. 

Sean O'Keefe's request to the NASA folks was for everyone to do their
continued best to work together with all of the disciplines pulling 
together to make it possible to get back to flying and exploring space soonest.

The intent is to do more than just orbit Earth, so a whole field of
opportunities, as One NASA.

It is tough trying to build a "One NASA" that will inspire and 
do things that only NASA can do.  I think the talk went over well, 
maybe a bit long. - LRK -

Want to hear the whole speach?
Got an hour and twenty eight minutes?

CAIB Releases Working Scenario
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board, or
CAIB, released a working scenario from its inquiry
into the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia and the
seven STS-107 astronauts. 

The working scenario contains a "collection of
known facts, events, timelines, and historical
information of particular interest to the final flight
of Columbia." The document or parts of the
document may be included in the CAIB's final
report, which is expected to be released in late

The CAIB briefed reporters Friday in Washington,
D.C. Audio from the briefing is available on the
CAIB Web site.

Some basic information about the COLUMBIA
NASA has released the following records in response to requests made 
under the Freedom of Information Act.
July 15, 2003: Foam Impact Velocity Determination
This posting attempts to explain how the Board determined the impact 
of the debris... More

This says about 775-924 fps (which puts you in the 500 mph ballpark and
explains why) - LRK -
This article says 500 mph. ??? - LRK -
Last Updated: 11:55 p.m., 07/15/03 (all times Eastern)


>TO:        Resident Staff
>FROM:      G. Scott Hubbard, Center Director
>SUBJECT:   All Hands Meeting, Thursday, July 17, 2003
>All staff are invited to attend an All Hands Meeting with NASA
>Administrator Sean O'Keefe and myself on Thursday, July 17, 2003, at
>9:30 A.M. in the N-201 Auditorium.  The Administrator will share
>with us his Return to Flight principles and welcome our new Deputy
>Center Director Allen Flynt.
>This program will be broadcast on VidNet channel 20 and will be
>webcast and archived at:

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