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Thailand in TURMOIL


  video link #1 ENGLISH Subtitles, but Making of... footage.


MAY 22, 2010 - LIVE VIDEO EVENTS Take place as parts of Bangkok burn -
Prachya Pinkaew when interviewed last week, was asked if he was willing to make a documentary about the turmoil and the current situation in Thailand. His first response was that is not the kind of film he makes. A day or so later, he directed, filmed and then edited the following Music Video.

The First Video (Above) -...Link #1

...is the "Making of..." - and unless you speak Thai, this version has English Subtitles, so by watching it first. you can get the wonderful words.



AS OF MAY 22. we do not (yet) have subtitles for the actual Music Video (Below)...Link #2
It starts with a short newscast, basically speaking about the events, the stars, Prachya involvement (he is in the newscast, along with some of the other stars), which leads into the MV (Music Video). But it is still very cool, especially if you see the "Making of..." first.

Don't worry about 'spoilers' watching that first, the story is already in the world news - Thailand is under martial law, and nearly a state of civil war. RPG's are floated into central Bangkok, the SiLom business district, and more recently sharpshooters assasniations of the security chief of the Red Shirts threw the country into civil unrest resulting in the burning of many buildings throughout the country.



Soon to be added...

  Video Link #2 of Music Video


Prachya Pinkaew, our favorite Thai director, has stepped forward and spoken out against the violence and bloodshed that has plagued Thailand over the last years.
The most recent clashes, between the government and the outspoken 'Red Shirts' has led to many deaths and injuries. This in a country that seems to be capable of being a large, peaceful Buddhist resort. With beautiful beaches. The Land of Smiles.
Yet, political upheaval in South East Asia is of course nothing new. But those of us who have spent a lot of time in Asia have come to regard Thailand as a home away from home, and are disappointed to watch as Thailand falls in and out of chaos.


Disappointed, because many people have higher hopes for Thailand. In the past, hoping to see support for Nobel Laurelate Aung San Suu Kyi's continuing detention. We see Burma's political tensions, and the government not listening, pushing back and down on people wanting to voice a democratic opinion.
And we who know and love Thailand are sad. We cannot forget someone like Prachya, first from his films with Tony Ja, then the astounding "Chocolate"- quite likely the best-done Martial Arts film done to date, which stars Yanin Vismitananda in her stunning debut.

He is to be applauded for his initiative and voice, a voice speaking for so many people who want peace, and for Thailand to return to being - The Land of Smiles.


Full cast and crew lists, more clips and photos will be posted here in the future.



Web Page and editorial by Gabreal Franklin,with reports from All Planet Journalist Khun Kantawan in Bangkok

  Thailand's King and Queen (center) had a healthy interest in the Entertainment industry, and have many friends and admirers from all over the world. Here, one King meets another. Would be great to know what Elvis is talking about.  
  Of course, then there is Princess Maha Chakri, who has done so many wonderful things for her country, and continues to do so on a daily basis. She is an outstanding person, renowned for her humanitarianism, intelligence, diplomacy and as a scholar.


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