Terrorism Against America - US Under Attack
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                               All Planet has relationships with NASA and many wonderful professionals around the world.
We Are very fortunate to have received so many many e-mails following the attack.  Many of the people wrote our web master, 
some wrote our friends at NASA and forwarded them on, some are just people who have visited some of the sites.
To any and all of you, and those that wrote that we have not included below, 
thank you.  For your thoughts, best wishes, condolences and support.

Here are a few that we thought theraputic, in some way.  Many are NASA, Science and Space Related, 
a few from the Entertainment sector.

    Gabreal Franklin and everyone involved with All Planet

API will continue to update this page as we recieve more e-mails.
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         Terrorism in AMERICA Thoughts

Give Peace a Chance
             -John Lennon

Dharamsala, India
   12 September, 2001 

    I am deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks that took place involving four apparently hijacked aircrafts and the immense devastation these caused. 

It is a terrible tragedy that so many innocent lives have been lost and it seems unbelievable that anyone would choose to target the world trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. We are deeply saddened. On behalf of the Tibetan people I would like to convey our deepestcondolence and solidarity with the American people during this painful time. Ourprayers go out to the many who have lost their lives, those who have been injured and the many more who have been traumatized bythis senseless act of violence. I am attending a special prayer for the United Statesand it's people at our main temple today.     I am confident that the United States as a great and powerful nation will be able to overcome this present tragedy. The American people have showntheir resilience, courage and determination when faced with such difficult and sad situation.

It may seem presumptuous on my part, but I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the nation and people in the long run.

I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence. But how do we deal with hatred and anger, which are often the root causes of such senseless violence? This is a very difficult question, especially when it concerns a nation and we have certain fixed conceptions of how to deal with such attacks. 
I am sure that you will make the right decision. 
With my prayers and good wishes 

The Dalai Lama 
September 12, 2001 
Dharamsala, India

Like most of the world, I watched with horror and disbelief the 
unfolding events of Black Tuesday: local networks gave BBC and CNN 
coverage for hours.

I, and all my associates, would like to send our deepest sympathy to 
those directly or indirectly involved which by now must mean almost 
everybody. And we appreciate the e-mail messages we have received 
from many friends in the areas affected, reassuring us of their 

It has been said that every catastrophe is an opportunity and one can 
only hope that this atrocity will unite the whole world in an effort 
to stamp out those responsible.

Meanwhile, life must go on. To quote the words of the greatest 
Anglo-American of the last century, Winston Churchill: "Never give 
up--never give up--never EVER give up!"

Sir Arthur C. Clarke
12 September 2001

I want to be able to share with you all.  Take a look at some of the 
images of this Blue Marble that we all live on and lets see if we 
can't find some way to make it better for all of us and that includes 
those that have thought it necessary to do these horrible things of 
this last week.

I would much rather we had a common goal for good that we could all 
feel a part of.  I would like to be able to look up and smile and not 
have to duck from falling debris.  I would like for all of us to be 
able to look up and be able to smile.  This Blue Marble is too small 
and too easily destroyed.  I don't have an apartment on the Moon 
(yet) and I want time to see us go back.  Make it happen.

Thanks for being there.

Larry Kellogg

All of us are shocked by the awful events that have occurred yesterday in
New York and in Washington and we wish to extend our sympathy to you and
your colleagues.

If there is any way that we can help, please let us know. 


Inna Mardanyan
Moscow, Russia

Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, 
or step out of your establishment and light a candle. 
We will show the world that Americans are strong and united 
together against terrorism.  .

I just found out from TV about terroristic 
acts in your country. It's terrible.  It's barbarism. And it quits from 
frames of national borders.<BR>It is easy to me to understand feelings of the 
americans, because two years ago two apartment houses in Moscow were destroyed 
by terrorists, near a place of my dwelling.<BR>Please, accept my condolence and 

Eugene Monahov.  Moscow, Russia


We are very sorry and really left astonished and speechless with terrorism
struck US yesterday. We sincerely wish and hope that everything is OK for
you and all the American colleagues and families.

Athens, Greece

As my only point of contact with the United States is through your
science@NASA website, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to
the American people, our thoughts and prayers especially go out to the
relatives and friends of those who perished in the awful events that
occurred yesterday
Yours Sincerely 
Tony Aggett
United Kingdom


We would like to offer our deepfelt sympathy, concern and prayers to our
friends and colleagues in the US at this dreadful time,

Margaret and Alex Mazzolini 
Melbourne, Australia

We are absolutely shocked by horrible events in the U.S. It is
unbelievable...Accept my condolences...Today our world has changed.   What
will happen to our world?
Take care, 
Prof Omarov 
Alma Aty, Khazakstan

As the President of CANADIAN Environmental Science and Research Group and
on behalf of the Team of CESAR Group I would like to send our heart felt
sorrow to those family members who lost relatives in these vicious and
despicable attacks on democracy. God Bless America!

Jack Pender

From: Rafael C·rdenas Santacruz 
To: Ronald.J.Koczor@msfc.nasa.gov 

Sincere greetings Dr. Koczor, Ron 

Together with my family, we feel very sorry for the regrettable incidents
in New York. We are with you with all our hearts.

Rafael Cardenas Santacruz 
Scientific Technician
Bogota, Columbia

In the 1930's Stalin deported and murdered 25,000 Finns that were
peacefully living on the Soviet side of the border. It was a blind terror
action against civilians, a complete ethnical cleaning of the Karelia
county.  Without successful defensive fight in the following winter war
1939 when Stalin tried to invade Finland (5 of my uncles were killed, my
father injured), we would, according to recently discovered documents from
Moscow, all have been deported to Siberia, and I would not sit here and
study your website.

These terrorists try to create a world of that kind. We do not want this
world anymore!
All the best for you in the USA 

Helsinki, Finland


TO: Ron.koczor@msfc.nasa.gov
FROM: gushat@XXXXXXX.ru
Dear friends, 
Your colleagues from Paleontological Institute of Moscow are with you. 
Our sympathy, thoughts and support are yours. And will always be. 
Best regards,

Alexei Rzanov, Galina Ushatinskaya, and all colleagues from Moscow 

Hi°, My name is Maria. I am aware of the attack that has been perpetrated
against your country, and I am very sad. I live in Buenos Aires,
Argentina. I am 14 years old and there is not much that I can do to help,
but I profoundly admire you and you have my moral support. I would like to
ask you a favor. Please reach an agreement without wars, but I hope those
responsible are found, so that peace will be extended throughout the



From: Jonathon Dugdale
To: patrick.meyer@msfc.nasa.gov
Sent: 9/11/01 12:37 PM
Subject: Condolences

On behalf of all the employees and stakeholders of ApexMail I would like
to say that we share in your shock, grief and pain resulting from today's
unspeakable and cowardly assault.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you
and the people of America.

Jonathon Dugdale
Apexmail, Inc

Relieved to hear that AllPlanet Staff is all accounted for and safe. When I
heard all planes hijacked were headed for LA or SanFran I became concerned.
Glad to hear the staff are ok. Yes, peace is under attack. God
bless you and yours. 

Across this country,  kids like us, who have lived our lives in peace, have stood and stared at 
that flag, never saying the words to the pledge.&nbsp; We have never 
actually sang the Star Spangled Banner with our whole heart.
We have never cared much about where this great nation was going, we have just left 
that to our parents.
That will change. 
WE, our generation, generation X will become the ones that pray for our nation, 
fight for our nation, and die for our nation. 
We will never be the same again.

Thomas Turner
FCA Chairman NCHS


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