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July 30   2007 MASTER v5
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In Praise of Dependent Origination

Lama Tsongkhapa's text In Praise of Dependent Origination deals with one of the two complimentary main concepts in the Prasangika Madhyamika school of Indo-Tibetan philosophy: Emptiness and Dependent Arising. The first concept is that which is usually translated as "emptiness" or "voidness", and the second is that of Prattyasamutpda which is usually translated as "dependent arising", or "dependent origination".

One of Lama Tsongkhapa's greatest insights was his understanding of emptniess to mean dependent arising and dependent arising to mean emptiness. Emptniness leaves no ways of establishing or proving the existence of something. Specifically, in the context of the Prasangika Madhyamaka tenet system, emptniess is the total absence of the existence of something being established by virtue of anything on its own side. The existence of something can only be established by virtue of dependent arising.

This is the understanding that any phenomenon ŽexistsŪ only because of the ŽexistenceŪ of other phenomena in an incredibly complex web of cause and effect covering time past, time present and time future. This concept of a web is symbolized by Indra's net, a multidimensional spider's web on which lies an infinite amount of dew drops or jewels, and in these are reflected the reflections of all the other drops of dew ad infinitum.

Stated in another way, the idea is that everything depends on everything else. For example, an individual depends on everything around themselves to exist, conversely, everything depends on an individual to exist. This is because the universe is one example in that, its causes and effects produce an individual or entity; any other way and the universe would not be the same one.

We have completed the DVD production, starting as  "Nearly 8 hours of Teachings" now replaced by the reality of "Over 9.5 hours of teachings", on the back of the cover.

For an example of all the ART parts involved in making a  DVD, please refer to this page from another All Planet DVD production "Blade Wheel of Mind Transformation", where you can see the art, as well as all the Menus.

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ABOUT the Center will be derived from this document:


The text can be downloaded›in the Tibetan original, the English translation by Thubten Jinpa, the Vietnamese, the Mongolian, and›the Chinese translation.

at the websites: http://www.gyutocenter.org/  and  http://www.dalailamabay2007.com/

Hymn to the World Transcendent

Nagarjuna's›text Hymn to the World Transcendent can be downloaded in the Tibetan original, a Chinese translation, a Vietnamese, and the English translation by Thubten Jinpa.

Thupten Jinpa, PhD was the translator during His Holiness visit to the Bay Area in April 2007.
Thubten Jinpa is Project Director and Chief Editor of The Classics of Tibet Series and has been the principal translator›to His Holines since 1985.

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We would like to express our 
sincerest gratitude to 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama 
for his compassion, wisdom, 

and loving kindness to all 
sentient beings.

Mr. Tenzin N. Taklha, 
Secreatary of HH 
Mr. Tashi Wangdi, 
Representative of H.H. 
Dalai Lama to the Americas
Geshe Thupten Jinpa, 
official traslator of HH

Committee Members 
Ven. Thupten Donyo 
John & Heather Little 
Cyndee Kang 
Cameron Sears 
Dave Dennison 
Helen & John Meyer 
Nigel Jones 
Tenzin Norgyal 
Wolfgang Saumweber 
Wendy Abraham 

Ven. Khensur Ngawang 
    Jorden Rinpoche 
Ven. Geshe Gyaltsen 
Ven. Samten Tharchen 
Dean A. Alper, Esq. 
Danny Rifkin 
Tenzin Tethong 

Ven. Thupten Donyo 
John & Heather Little 
Nigel Jones 
Cyndee Kang 
Helen & John Meyer 
Cameron Sears 
Dave Dennison 
Betsy Semenoff 
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Jason Wang & Jessica Rao 
Joyce Teng 
Judy Chang 
Tenzin Norgyal 
Wendy Abraham 
Wolfgang Saumweber 

Bruce Klein & Pat Bowyer 
Dr. Nicole Thai 
Don Ramer 
Ed & Betty Pope 
Jacqueline & Tai Nguyen 
Mickey Hart & Carol 
Mark & Karen Jung 
Robbie Wood

Post Production/ 
Video Editing/DVD 
All Planet Studios 
Gabreal Franklin 
Robbie Coppola 
Bergen Franklin 
Kantawan Puwapan 
Colin Holgate 
Vince Di Baise 
Peggy Hitchcock
Scott Koue
Jim Battaglino
Robin and Matthew Gordon

Special Thanks to 
The Venerable Monks 
  of Gyuto Tantric Choir 
Andrew & Marie Holmes 
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We would like to thank all the 
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