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As of November 2013, API principals have garnered fourteen 
industry awards, including three coveted Eddys and six 
Envision awards.  Our  "Sean" cybercharacter recently 
received the Joey award, and earlier productions including 
"Inside Independence Day (TM)" [20th Century Fox] and 
"Rob Roy: Legend of the Mist" Movie-ROM (TM) 
[MGM/United Artists] were also award nominees

Added Feb 2011 GF CV

Spring 2014 Asia and Himilaya, Northern India. Dalai Lama and high lamas- Interviews and travel, ending with 11 days with the Dalai Lama in Ladakah, beautifully situated between Tibet and India, high in the Himilaya.

Winter 2014 Mac@30 Event Jan 25, 2014, part of production team. Multi camera shoot.

Fall 2013 - Music Video TBA.

Fall 2013 - Pre Production and production on Mac Reunion, ends up being Mac@30 with great "tip of the hat" to the original Macintosh team.

Spring-Fall 2013, Filming in Asia, pre production on Thai/American film Koi Keeper. Pre Production planning for 2014 Expedition to Himilaya - Leh. Acquisition in 4K for Scenics and Interviews.

Summer 2012 - All Planet takes on Technical Directorship of The Motion Picture Hall of Fame, a long term project designed to honor the Film Industry with inductions of Films and Actors and Special Effects Artists into the Hall of Fame. A virtual envoirn will be designed and omplemented showing insights into the Inductees work.

April 2012 - part of the production team visiting Asia setting up locations and having meetings relative to the feature film KOI KEEPER to be directed by Brett Leonard. The script has won numerous industry awards, and will begin principal photography once the actors attachments are completed and announced. Film financing is from sources in both the USA and UK. The majority of the film will be shot on location in Asia.

March 2012 - All Planet and Tibet House with Professor Robert Thurman begin plans to be the hosts for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with a series of events to take place in the USA commemorating the contributions the Dalai Lama has made to so many people around the workd. More announcements on these productions will follow scheduling announcements.

September, 2011 All Planet is in pre production for a filming of Barry McGuire's "Trippin' the 60's" show, which will be filmed for a DVD September 23rd at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California. A co production between All Planet, Gabreal Franklin (Director), Barry McGuire and Bill Roden of New Dawn Studios.

From February through July, All Planet managed Pre Production Planning and Technical Direction in conjunction with Event Tech, a permiere production company based in Maryland, near Washington DC. It is in DC that there will be an historic KALACHAKRA INITIATION. This 11 day event is focused on world peace, and is the highest Tantric Initiation offered to the public. Gabreal served as overall Technical Director, as well as Producer and Multi-Cam Director of the video elements.

On July 09, at the West Lawn of the US Capital Building, His Holiness will be introduced by both Whoopi Goldberg, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu (on tape from Capetown, South Africa) as part of the Rally for World Peace. Archbishop Tutu footage produced by Gabreal Franklin of All Planet and Mary Wald of

Gabreal Franklin and the All Planet Dalai Lama film crew are responsible for directing and filming all these events over the 11 day period. Many of these videos can be seen at

All Planet is scheduled to be filming in India and S.E. Asia within 5 days following the close of the Kalachakra for World Peace 2011. Returning to the US in time to produce and direct long-time friend Barry McGuire in the "Trippin the Sixties" show, featuring many hit songs from the 1960's. McGuire was a member of the New Christie Minstrels, and wrote their hit "Green Green". He was also the artist that brought the world "Eve of Destruction", one of the most pivitol hit songs from that era. The show will be filmed live, in Santa Cruz, California. September, 2011

May 2011 - All Planet, with Gabreal Franklin as Technical Director, produce and direct 5 events during the Dalai Lama's May 2011 visit in the USA.

Mariucchi Arena was the largest venue, with a MEDICINE BUDDHA INITIATION. Another event was a PUBLIC TALK for the University of Minnesota. One was a conference between His Holiness and some Chinese citizens, discussing citizen diplomacy and other issues relative to China and Tibet.

2011 began in Asia, working on tech and production details relative to the feature film 'The Koi Keepet" including meetings with David Winters and others that are successful in the Asian Film Market. David's film "The King Maker" was not only Thailand's first English speaking major motion picture, it won deserved awards, and was done on a remarkable budget.

Continuing work on the television series "Merging Medicine" with Gabreal attached as Director Producer with long-time friend and associate Marty Collins and his Digital Media Factory facility in Santa Cruz, California.

In post production on several more comedy music videos with comedian Bruce Baum, following the popular "Don't Text and Drive" video from December 2010.

Post production on the Tibetan Tiberculosis Prevention project, in conjunction with Dr. Zorba Paster, the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and John Hopkins University.

2010 started with a flight to Asia the day after American Christmas, Dec 26 2009, and included filming the opening days at the Haridwar 2010 Kumbh Mela.

Upon returning to the USA mid February, production began on a scipt collaboration with Judith Fein Morris "Rescue Me!" slated to begin filming in the Summer of 2010. Several productions with Santa Cruz's own DIGITAL MEDIA FACTORY were directed by Gabreal, for Marty Collins and his company, with more in the works through 2010 and 2011, including a few Feature Documentaries, and one Feature.

A 2nd trip to Asia for 3 weeks in April led to presentations which were initiated in Asia on the action feature "The Koi Keeper" written by Felice Bassuk and Richard F. Russell. Gabreal is serving as Producer, and plans to attract Thai director Prachya Pinkaew, his stunt coordinator, the stunt teams from his film Chocolate, and the star of Chocolate, Yanin Vismitananda to create the film in Thailand. Meetings are being arranged for July.

The day after returning from the 2nd trip, dual screenings took place at the SANTA CRUZ FILM FESTIVAL of the documentary "Here I am: Denny Doherty and the Mamas and the Papas". Showing with the documentary was the "Silly Walks for Hunger" music video. Both were very well attended and received.

Several more Dalai Lama productions are in development.

September 2010 filming at both The Monterey International Jazz Festival and Summit10 in Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach.

Working on "Life's Ruff" and, and, and more Koi Keeper related work. Planning for a 3-D Hi-Def shoot in California, with plans to take the rigs abroad in 2010/2011.


2009 - (early 2010) Working in India, and through S. E. Asia in preparation for the coming Kumbh Mela, with long time associate Dr. Mokshagundam and Kalpavasi / and StudioRama in Bangalore. Franklin and Mokshagundam are in pre production planning for the official filming of the 2010 Kumbh Mela, which will take place in Haridwar (the Gateway to God) at the foothills of the Himalaya, starting in January, 2010. An estimated 10 million devotees will attend over the several months, with over 2 million on any given day.

Completed Filming the Monty Python Silly Walks for Hunger Campaign Event, at Universal City Walk, Hollywood, California.

Gabreal served as Production Supervisor up to the event, and took over as Post Production Supervisor , directing multicam at the Fountain Dome area, of the event performance. More about the 'Feeding America" Campaign can be seen at (

All Planet, Santa Cruz Unit and Digital Media Factory collaborated on this shoot. Completed Filming 3 days with Rejuvenate leaders Jesse Koran and Sharla Jacobs ( as Director of Photography, resulting in over 20 hours of content for their soon to be released debut DVD set.

Completed filming another 13 programs (30 min duation) for Master ZHI GANG SHA, again with New Dawn Studios/ Bill Roden.

Production has already started on an unanounced project involving Feature Documentary work surrounding Tibet, the Dalai Lama(s) and culture.

Completed filming Gelek Rinpoche's wonderful talk given at the request of Gyuto Vajayrana Center, in Milpitas California January 18.

Completed Production on a music CD album for actress and healer LINDSAY WAGNER, entitled "OPEN TO ONENESS", released simultaneously in the US and UK in May, 2009

Completed directing the filming and editing of 5 segments of the new "Lifestylin' with Joanie" - featuring talk show host Joanie Palasota

Completed production with NEW DAWN STUDIOS' Bill Roden (Director) on a series of 13 half hour programs featuring Master ZHI GANG SHA

Starting planning on a new Satelitte Television Station based in Bangalore, India with long time friend, Dr. Manish Mokshagundam, along the lines of promoting good will and understanding among diverse cultures and religions within India. Meetings in Bangalore in February, 09 including a filming expedition to the 'little brother' of the Kumbh Mela, taking place in India at that time.


Late January, Gabreal Franklin served as Director of Photography on the California leg of the filming "Go Where You Wanna Go" documentary, being penned by long time Doherty friend Paul Ledoux, and produced by Greg Jones of Crooked Finger Productions, Creative Atlantic, in Nova Scotia Canada. Interviewees will include Scott McKenzie, Barry McGuire, Michele Phillips, Laura McKenzie Phillips, Bijou Phillips, Chyna Phillips, Owen Vanessa Elliot, Annie Marshall, and others, on locations around and about Los Angeles. Production will be shot with the CineAlta 350 HD XDCAM cameras.

Assisting in providing some past footage from the days of producing the visuals on Denny Doherty's DREAM A LITTLE DREAM documentary, currently titled: Go Where You Wanna Go. The documentary centers on the life and times of Denny Doherty.

This year already has great promise.
 Aside from the undisclosed projects, announced ones include:
As the Dalai Lama visits Seattle in a wonderful and beautifully 
organized series of events intended to benefit the entire region.
Learn more about these events by clicking the 
SEEDS OF COMPASSION links, with information
regarding the events occurring between April 11 to 15.
Representatives from All Planet and The Dalai Lama's office 
will be assisting the film crews working at the events, with the 
Kirlin Foundation. the Venerable Tenzin Dhonden, TPN Events 
and the many fine people working so hard and diligently 
to present these events to the Seattle area.


PRODUCTION on all 7 DVD titles completed, and manufactured just before the End of 2008. The Deer Park 2008 Series.
Pre production on :
      Hosted by Deer Park, Ven.  L Geshe Sopa

 All Planet film crews, in support of Deer Park Buddhist Center, will have the honor of filming the events surrounding this visit
in Wisconsin.

Bhutan, celebrating the centenary of the Monarchy in 2008
 Also, this year, 2008 is the year Bhutan enters the age of Democracy. as the first ever elections are scheduled to be held on March 24, 
 This is now confirmed by the Bhutanese Election Commission  January 18, 2008. 
 Bhutanese will vote to elect 47 members to the National Assembly and the lower house of parliament. 
 We plan to be there filming in the events following the elections. Only AFTER the elections, will Bhutan move forward can coronate the new King.
 Although we have had the good fortune to meet more than a few of the prominent citizens of Bhutan who are running for office, the excitement is in the celebrations and ceremony of the Coronation of Bhutan's new King following their move to Democracy.
In December 2005, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck announced his intention to abdicate the throne of Bhutan to his son's favour in 2008, following the elections.

2007 Winter, through the end of the year, included yet another trip to ASIA filming.
The first location was: 
Dharmsalla, on the grounds of His Holiness, the 14th
Dalai Lama, during the cultural presentations to him of the TUVA, BURYAT, KALMUK and MONGOL peoples and delegations, which was expected to number over 150 attendees. By the time Telo Tulku Rinpoche and his team finished organizing the events, there were over 500 participants from these regions  in attendance. 
The cultural performances, Command Performances for the Dalai Lama were filmed,  as well as filming a teaching given by HHDL to the visitors  on "The Three Principal Paths."
 A Long Life Puja for him was also filmed.

This trip ended with another trip to BHUTAN, filming from PARO to BUMTANG in the most stunning and beautifully clear weather we have ever seen in Bhutan.
2007 wrapped up with the production of "COMPASSION: The Source of Peace" DVD, of the 97 minute public talk from Indiana University in Bloomington. This title is one of the DVDs that it was decided to completely subtitle, every word HHDL says appears on the screen (or can be turned off, of course) during his dissertation. We have found that both understandability and comprehension increase when we can  take the time to add this feature to the productions of Public Talks.

Year-end through January found All Planet completing production and DVDs for the nearly 12 hours of  teachings, also from His Holiness' visit, hosted by the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center  of Atisha's "Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment." 

Fall of 2007 is wonderfully busy with a co production with
Tibetan Cultural Center Bloomington, Indiana and the visit of His Holiness, who will teach from Atisha's 
"Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment."  <LINK HERE> 
These teachings will take place at Indiana University Auditorium on October 24, 25, and 26. 

2007 Filming locations included several trips to India - 
  - Karnataka  - filming at the Tibetan Settlements, Also in the ancient city of HAMPI
as well as Bangalore, Mysore, Goa and Mumbai.

2007 Filming Expedition to Cambodia - filming in Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom, as well as many other temples and
ruins, and monuments in the Siem Rep region of Cambodia. A side piece was shot regarding the ongoing impact
of Russian and American LAND MINES on the population.

2007 Filming in the Hoi An and My Son areas of central Vietnam, and in the North at Ha Long Bay, on the border with China.

2007 Continuing trips into Thailand, filming in Samui in May.

April /May 2007  - Traveled to Madison Wisconsin, and did a small amount of filming with Arjia Rinpoche
greeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Geshe Lama Sopa's Deer Park Retreat.
Some stills from th video at:

January of 2007 had All Planet personel working on post production on a rather ambitious
production involving 4 hi defination cameras filming His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Professor Robert Thurman and Tibet House New York.
Some glimpse at the DVD art and Menus can be seen at:

July - August  2006 - Filming expeditions to MONGOLIA, then into CHINA,
followed by Thailand, returning to the US just in time to work on 
some few parts of H. H. the Dalai Lama's tour of the USA
scheduled for September 10 to 29.

June  - Filming His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Belgium,
notably his presentation to Rev. Desmond Tutu with the
International Campaign for Tibet.

April and May - another trip to India, exploring future projects with
Manish  Mokshagundam, a brilliant young film maker.  Gabreal Franklin
and Manish are in pre-production planning on several exciting cultural
and theatrical productions for 2007 - 2008.
March - A little in Burma, and extensive travels in Thailand,
South into Prang Nga, and North through Chang Mai and Chang Rai regions.

February - Filming in the North of Vietnam, Ha Lonog Bay, and then working 
down the coast to De Nang.

January 2006  High Defination film crew leaves for Amaravati India to film 
the Kalachakra 2006 Empowerment Initiation given by His Holiness, 
the 14th Dalai Lama.  <Link Here>
Also in January 2006, filming some of the ancient Temples and Buddhist sites
in the Chang rai region of Northern Thailand, as well as some locations (again) 
in Krabi and Prang Nga.

November 2005 Completion of production on the 1 hour, 45 minute DVD
based upon the All Planet and The Arizona Friends of Tibet co- production
 "The Interfaith Dialogue" featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama and relugious leaders
from Jewish, Muslem and Christian faiths, speaking about the foundations of 
their respective beliefs.  <Link Hree>

October- November 2005  All Planet expeditions to Asia, with
filming in BHUTAN and TIBET, as a continuation of a long-term
project in developing a Feature Documentary.

September 2005, All Planet and The Arizona Friends of Tibet co- produce 
filming for a DVD of "The Interfaith Dialogue" featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Gabreal Franklin directs 3 'performance videos' of the Thomas Cunningham Band,
in conjunction with Emerald City Entertainment Group, with plans for future 
music videos to be filmed in September 2005.
May - June 2005, Filming in India. First in Dharamsala at
the foothills of the Himilaya. An audience with the Dalai Lama
of Tibet, The Tibetan Human Rights Organization, H.H. Khakla 
Jetsun Dhampa, Telo Tulku Rinpoche of Kalmykia, and others.
A second area was filmed after traveling to Southern India
and visiting the Gomang Monastary in Mongod.
Winter and Spring 2005, All Planet, Gabreal Franklin, Denise Gallant 
and Kevin Monahan produce several 
versions of "The Mamas and Papas" - Denny Doherty production 
of "Dream a Little Dream", which has initial
performances in February and April of 2005.

Late Summer, 2005 All Planet, in co production with The Office of Tibet, is producing a documentary from
the Dalai Lama's visit in Arizona, meeting with religious leaders and intellectuals in a series of
Interface Dialogues, to be filmed in HD TV format. This will occur at the event produced by
Peggy Hitchcock, long time supporter and friend of His Holiness.
Fall of 2004, Gabreal Franklin, Vladimir Dulov and a team of 4 All Planet personel travel around Kalmykia
filming interviews with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and other important Buddhist monks, during the Dalai
Lama's visit in this remote outter mongolian region.

Late Spring 2004 "American Year-book" gets accepted for multiple Film Festivals, and prepares for 
World Premiere in England early June and the US Premiere mid June in Los Angeles.
The film, "American Yearbook" has won Audience Choice Awards at the Dances with Films 2004 Film Festival, 
and "best Film" at the London Film Festival. In April 2005, the film is featured at the Hungarian International
Film Festival, and is in discussions with several distributors for Theatrical distribution.

Spring 2004   - All Planet Studios  - Co-Production of a Pilot for a new TV series on Aviation,
featuring the ShowCopters Stunt Helicopter Team (Jim, Chris and Bob) and their camera ship, and initially including a focus on
this team, Sean Tucker and other world-class Aerial Performance pilots. Produced by Gabreal Franklin,
Co-directed by Franklin and Brian Ging, music by Jeremiah Jacobs, sound design by Scott Koue.

Spring 2004 "American Year-book" a Brian Ging film, for more info click here.

Winter 2003 Focus on Russian Art, and several tours with Alexei Butirskiy and Dmitri Annenkov.

Fall 2003 - More filming in Europe, Lake Baikal, Estonia, and parts of America.

Summer 2003 - Filming the first -Study for camera blocking tapes - at the Teatro ZinZanni production
featuring Joan Baez, Eugeniy Voronin and the rest of the incredible cast in this "One Reel" production
headed up by Norm Langill.

Summer 2003 - Filming in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the cities 300 Year Jubaliee Celebration.

Spring 2003 - Filming again in Russia and Estonia on verious projects, including new interviews with prominent Russian
artisans on the "Lost Art of Russia" series, as well as some travel footage in Estonia - focusing on Tallinn.

2002 - Filming in Ukrania at the home of ANTON CHEKOV for a future piece 
about the author, and his life.

SPRING 2002  A 30 minute Program entitled "CARRIBEAN" was produced in association with
ART FILM Productions' Terry Edwards.  The piece was managed by All Planet's Gabreal Franklin,
and creatively logged and edited in it's entirety by Jeff Cavanaugh.

February 2002  Another trip to Russia, filming interviews with Artists, and working again with
RICHARD THOMAS GALLERIES and some of Russia's finest young artists.

April 2002  Gabreal Directs, and Jeff Cavanaugh co-produces a music Video for

1st Quarter 2002, All Planet produced a program with 
AMERICAN LONGEVITY and Dr. Joel Wallach about Dr. Wallach's
phoenominal products and health advantages.  The program was shot and produced by 
G. Franklin and Executive Produced by Glory Ushakoff
David Larson is responsible for the
marketing / On-The-Air partnerships.

August 2001, Gabreal Franklin spends time collaborating with old friend 
Denny Doherty on the "DREAM A LITTLE DREAM" production,
about the Mamas and Papas, in Toronto Canada.
Upon Gabreal's return to California, he turned out a 2 hour 20 
minute 2 camera program for the production team in less than 5 days.
<More info here>

In the year 2001, All Planet sent 
one of its core production unit to Russia 5 times, gathering remarkable footage
of provincial Russia and to shoot the final scenes 
for a documentary about Russian Art. The final trip for the
year is on September 28 through Mid October.
<More info here>

An increasing number of DVDs are in the works in addition to All Planet's
normal work.  Arthur Mrozowski has been working tirelessly turning out
many remarkable DVDs at unbelievable (low for value) cost.
Some for major studios, some for smaller ones.
<More info here>

Some All Planet Russia personnel have been identifying incredible Russian Artists
and introducing them to American Galleries.  The first artists to sign up are already 
enjoying a new relationship with RICHARD THOMAS GALLERIES,
located in Park City Utah, Carmel, San Francisco and Laguna Beach California.
More artists and Galleries to come soon.

April,  March, May and now July  have Gabreal Franklin again in Russia, working on several projects.
Here in the States, Gabreal is directing a piece with Rosemary Woodruff Leary about her 
and Timothy Leary, and some of their life and times with John Lennon, Yoko Ono, 
Ken Keasey, Alan Ginsburg, the Black Panthers, the escape from prison, and fleeing
from the long arm of the law.  <More on this project in June>

This Summer, Gabreal, Timothy and Megan are producing
a wonderful project with Jane Goodall and her institute.

In the Late Summer of 2001, All Planet, in conjunction with 
Ukranian Television producer Tatianya Majeva, is joining
an expedition in the Black Sea exploring newly discovered
shipwrecks and undersea ruins. <Disclosure in September, here>

Summer 2001 also will be the time for an announcement about a new product 
co-produced with Ida Griffin featuring the fabulous work of late cartoonist
and poster master Rick Griffin.  A few temporary pages are viewable 
(pre launch) at this link.

Fall 2000 through New Years, All Planet was in Post Production on the 
first program in the series "Lost Art"

Additionally, in the Fall of 2000, Film work was donated to The Backyard and National Children's Film Festivals,
held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California
and The Russian American Center - TRAC.

Contact the studio with specific questions at:

Since 1992, the design and implementation and production
of CyberCharacters has been a continuing activity for the 
studio. The  latest character -- "Sean" -- is starring in 13 new 
segments premiering on All Planet TV this fall. See   - for more details

All Planet's in-house production studio features broadcast 
quality Digital Editing Suites as well as SP Beta production.
The facility is fully equipped to take productions from script 
to final broadcast or DVD delivery.

All Planet principals have worked with NASA to 
create materials for the space agency's use in education and 
publicity; recent NASA projects have included a CD-ROM-
based EPK and resource discs for part of The Discovery 
Program's Mission Lunar Prospector, a video about the 
mission, as well as DVDs. The details of All Planet's current 
work with NASA are classified. The latest project involves 
the use of high-end 3-D models to create a  virtual fly-thru 
of a proposed facility. All Planet technology enables pre-
visualization of these [future] major scientific research 

Currently, All Planet is: 

* Spring 2000 Pre-Production on All Planet TV's Brash Landau News Segments. 
Working with Gary Jesch of Color Concepts and CHOPS, Building digital stages. 
Writing.  Storyboarding.      *Completed*

* Spring 2000  Pre-Production on the "Masters of Lost Art", a series of 13 half-hour 
shows for PBS that focuses on Masters at work, their apprentices and techniques 
involving such art forms as:
  -The Glass Art Paperweights and Glass Blowing,   [Filming in Italy      *Completed*]
    - Stained Glass Windows and Shades; 
      - Russian, Persian and German Lacquer Boxes and Minatures  [ All Principal Photography    *Completed*]
        - Pottery and glazes - Austrian, Czech and French Porcelains  [First shoots in Czech Republic      *Completed*]
          - Cloisonne, - Woodcarving, - Poster Making, 
            -Others to be disclosed-

* In production on new segments of "The Brash Landau Show", 
starring Sean O'kane as the character behind the real time animated 
newscaster on All Planet TV.
Now that he has spontaneously declared his candidacy for president 
we are also:
* Interviewing Campaign Managers and talent managers 
(William Morris, CAA, etc.) for Brash Landau     -Clips of Brash in action
Gary Jesch of CHOPS & Associates Live Animation,.
        see: April 1, 2000  http://allplanet/

* Finishing two productions for The San Jose Tech Museum, 
including a DVD.

* Spring/Summer 2000 -
* Designing a major Entertainment Portal "The Outer Net" 
featuring comedy with Bruce Baum (Baby Man, Writer for 
'The Drew Carey Show' and Jeremy Kramer (Writer for 'The
Drew Carey Show' and star of "Hairballs"). The Studio is co-
producing the "The Outer Net" programs, with Bruce Baum 
as Director. 'The Outer Net' includes "America's Bottom 10 
Music Videos" and a spoof on 'Reality TV' entitled "The REAL 

*  Summer 2000 Wrapped production of 18 show segments for 
"Brash Landau's All Planet TV Show",      *Completed*

*  Summer 2000 Filmed elements for the "Masters of Lost Art" 
series in Venice and Murano, Italy,      *Completed*

*  Summer 2000 Directed 5 Music Videos of Ivan Neville Band 
at the Austin Film Festival. for Cameron Husty and Heart of the Arts.

* Fall 2000 The Second trip to Europe this year, this time 
filming in Russia for the "Masters of Lost Art" series and filming 
more segments for TRAC - The Russian American Center, 
under the direction of Dulce Murphy.

*  By the Winter of 2000, All Planet hopes to finish principal 
photography on the Tibetan Children's Project, and is 
continuing production on a long term documentary on the 
ocean's coral reefs.  Four trips to French Polynesia in 1999 
gathered a wonderful amount of footage (and background 
information) on this interesting and beautiful subject. 
(This project is under some delays relative to CHINA's

*  Summer season of 2001 - More productions featuring 
"Sean", and real-time  animation merged into comedy 
and news programs.

*  Slated for the Summer season of 2001, work has 
commenced on "Game Video Wizards" documenting the 
history of computer games and the "wizards of game" who
invented them.  This production is currently in scripting and 
research, with Principal photography scheduled to start in 
Winter 2000.  The domain "" is fully owned 
by All Planet, and the Portal is in the mid-design stage with 
deployment scheduled for July-August 2001.

     All Planet Studio is continually developing and merging new 
     technologies. Our production arm seeks out and produces 
     acclaimed titles, artfully managing the future and working 
     exclusively on fun and interesting projects.

If you have a project to suggest, or a comment to send along, 
please send a message to the webmaster, and she will absolutely 
get it to the right party.  She lives for this.

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Jeffery Mitchel
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Bergen Franklin
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Marcus Franklin
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