"Through the eyes of our youth, we can see our world"

AllPlanetStudios  Join With
Color Concepts CHOPS and Associates 
in Los Angeles
for the year 2000 Awards Ceremony!

The National Children's Film Festival merged with
                                Backyard Film Festival in 2000 and moved
                                headquarters to Los Angeles, CA.

     We will be working "Behind the Scenes" with the CyberCharacter
hosts of the awards, and filming elements of the show.

The Backyard National Children's Film Festival®

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Backyard Film Festival in 2000

 In the Year 2000, Backyard became the only festival that 
celebrates movies made by kids ages 18 and under.

 The core of Backyard is storytelling through the medium 
of movies and exploring the diversity of worldviews. 

Backyard's purpose is to: 
Encourage young people to develop their own stories through moviemaking 
Foster imagination and provide a positive environment for young people to express their dreams 
 Recognize and honor the views of others 
 Aid global collaborations among school-age moviemakers 
 Create opportunities to discover and nurture new talent through media produced by youth 

Since 1992, the design and implementation and production 
of CyberCharacters has been a continuing activity for the 
studio. The  latest character -- "Sean" -- is starring in 13 new 
segments premiering on All Planet TV this fall.   -for more details

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Gabreal Franklin
     exec. producer/director

Larry Seehorn
     producer/ board member

Timothy Lydgate
     producer/ board member

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