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Eleven months ago, we wrote an article about "Cygnus XR-1" and how top scientists were hoping to get confirmation back on suspected black holes.  It looks like they have now hit paydirt.
Read on, because the news is back...

Jan  11, 2001   Santa Cruz, California

It was officially announced a few hours ago that the Hubble telescope may have, for the first time, provided direct evidence for the existence of black holes by observing how matter disappears when it falls beyond the "event horizon," the boundary between a black hole and the outside universe. Astronomers found their evidence by watching the fading and disappearance of pulses of ultraviolet light from clumps of hot gas swirling around a massive, compact object called Cygnus XR-1. This activity suggests that the hot gas fell into a black hole. 

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Visit this NASA science page to find out.



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